Drinking Water Testing is available

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A & B Laboratories is open and ready to assist you with your Drinking Water needs.

A & B Laboratories is open and ready to assist you with your Drinking Water needs.

  • Drinking Water Coliform (BacT)….…..Method 9223B
  • Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC).……Method 9215B

A & B Laboratories is an independent, minority owned laboratory providing analytical testing services for environmental, air, industrial hygiene, microbiology and food. Since 1988, A & B has been providing exceptional quality testing services to our clients from diverse industries including: chemical manufacturing, consulting/engineering firms, emergency response, energy, pulp and paper, food manufacturing, petroleum refining, local, state, and federal agencies, maritime among many more. A & B is proud to be a NELAP certified environmental testing laboratory. There is a strong commitment that comes along with maintaining this certification and also reflects the commitment of A & B Labs to provide the highest quality and consistent analytical testing services for our customers.

We know you have choices when it comes to your laboratory needs and are very confident that you will be extremely satisfied with our quality, customer service and turnaround times. For additional information and pricing, please contact your sales representative or send an email to info@ablabs.com.

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