Helium Diffusion Sampling

The HDS Personal Monitor simplifies the monitoring of chemicals in the workplace. A breakthrough new technology based on helium diffusion yields a sampler that is small, light weight, cost-effective, universal, and defensible. Above all, the HDS Personal Monitor delivers highly reproducible results unaffected by factors that create errors in other diffusive samplers such as matrix concentrations, varying humidities, and fluctuating face velocities. An HDS sample is collected based upon the higher diffusion rate of helium relative to air, creating a vacuum that pulls air in as helium escapes. A surrogate recovery compound is added to every HDS Personal Monitor to substantiate the collection of a proper sample in the field as well as to prove effective recovery during laboratory analysis.

  • A simpler way to collect canister samples is now available
  • HDS is less technical and easier to perform accurately and consistently than vacuum sampling with external flow controllers
  • Less chance for sample loss, or carryover from a previous sampling event because the flow controlling diffusion path is cleaned and isolated along with the canister
  • Flow rates are controlled by physical laws of diffusion. Nothing to calibrate
  • metric determination of amount sampled allows for very accurate dilution calculations
  • Built in Surrogate helps to reveal canisters which are no longer inert

For a list of our analyses that include the sample size, container, preservation or holding time of a sample for an Environmental analysis, please refer to our Environmental Analytical Reference Guide. Also, please use our Sample Kit Guide to assist you in packing your Environmental testing samples.

Helium Diffusion Sampling Advantages/Disadvantages:

HDS Classical Vacuum Sampling
Hydrocarbon Range C2 – C25 C2 – C12
Relative Cost 1 3-15
Smallest Can Size for Collecting 1 Week Sample 1.4L / 32oz BV 6L-15L
Longest Sampling Time 1 Month 1 Week
Chance for Losses None Flow Controller/Filter
Chance for Carryover Cleaned Along with Can Must Clean Separately
Auto Start/Stop Yes/But ReducedVol (Wt) Yes